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Spiritual Warfare

Am I the only one experiencing spiritual warfare? Lately, I’ve been finding relationships or interactions more difficult despite me reacting more calmer than I’d usually do. I heard my Pastor say Sunday that the closer you get to God the more challenges come your way. My assignment seems to be more difficult as I press […]

The Unexpected

So I’ve been having a hard time lately with getting a ride with to go to church. It’s either people are making excuses or completely ignore my messages. I said “Lord I can’t afford to miss another Sunday, I’ve been faithful on the phone service line but I rather be giving You praise in the […]

Holy Spirit Activate

Hey there, I know I’ve been missing lately but it has been all for good reason. I took some much needed time to draw closer to God in the midst of my “sifting”. Though as I drew closer, I was beginning to pick up on the tactics of the plans that God intertwined with the […]

Tough Love

-Cringing laugh- as I am writing the second part of the information down, I hear, “Did I tell you to do that?”, in a very angry tone. I said, “Yes, you told me specifically to do it, I even wrote it down on the sticky notes so I don’t forget, see?”. She exclaimed, “Well that’s […]


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Joshua 1:9 KJV
About Me

Hi, I’m Paris Battle. Previously a World Class Clientele Service Provider and sinner, I gave my life back over to God in 2019 to do God’s will, serve Him fully with my life, and His Kingdom. Through the will of God, I now take that World Class Clientele skill set and change the lives of others through the Word of God. I am a mother of two beautiful children, a prince and a princess. Formerly, known as Miss Overtown Teen USA 2012 and of other countless of titles, I became a Podcaster, YouTuber, freelance writer in 2021 with the help of God. I spend most of my time with God and my children at Holy Spirit Ministries and traditional and unique family traditions we carry on for the generations to come. Obviously, this blog is for my love for God and all the amazing things He has done for me as well as for others who have life-changing stories just like you! I pray that you enjoy. God bless you.

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